What Your Clutter Says about You


I know you're overwhelmed. I can feel the tension of Ihavesomuchtodo. I have it too. Today, right now, I want you to stop. Look at the surface in front of you. Observe it without judgement. It's just stuff. Maybe there's a cup of cold coffee. Some papers. Your daughter's socks. An overdue library book. A project you've been working on.

It means you're alive. It means you hit the lottery and got another day. You're not behind. You're living your life.

Don't just breeze past that. Take it in. Lift your eyes and give a moment of profound thanks.

Now do this with gratitude in your heart: Reboot your coffee. Put your daughter's socks in her room. Straighten the stacks of papers. Put the library book by your purse. Tidy your project. Sweep off the surface.

Observe how it feels.

Keep it simple. Do the thing in front of you. Do it to completion. Then admire what you've done. Because it was enough.

You are doing far better than you are giving yourself credit for.