De-cluttering Your Dreams to Make Room for What You Really Want

Guest post by Lamisha Serf-Walls

You know that lovely airy and open feeling you get when you’ve just cleared out the single most annoying, stagnant, heavy, anxiety-inducing space in your home?

(Silly question, of course you do!  You are part of Lisa’s Clear Calm tribe.)

Yeah, I love that feeling.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t necessarily enjoy the process to getting there, but once I’m there, I am in paradise.

Looking around to see wide-open spaces, organized bookshelves, and beautiful surroundings makes me feel like anything is possible.

But one of the things I have come up against time and again when it comes to de-cluttering, is getting the inspiration to clear out the stuff that is weighing me down that I can’t see and knowing what it is to begin with.

Now, I’ve talked about de-cluttering the things you can’t see before in terms of your beliefs and mindset, but what about your dreams?

When was the last time you de-cluttered your dreams and aspirations?

Growing up most of us had big dreams to do the impossible.  We wanted to be rock stars, famous actors and actresses, best-selling authors, teachers, and travel the world on a rocket ship.

And as we grew up, we started getting more realistic with our ideals like building a family, owning a sensible home, padding our 401k for retirement, and taking 1 family vacation a year etc.

But where are we now?

Better yet…where are YOU now in regards to your dreams and aspirations for your life?

Now, I can tell you there are far too many people holding onto dreams they had from way back when, just because they are familiar.

For as long as they can remember, they were known as the aspiring musician looking to make it big, the pre-med student working hard to make a life for herself, or the non-profit activist looking to change the world.

Somewhere along the line their dreams became part of their identity and even when the dream itself no longer fit what they ideally want for their lives, they find it difficult to let go of.

They keep striving for the end result without the passion and purpose they once had.  They go through the motions and slap a fake smile on their face as they answer another question about their big dream that is no longer lighting them up because… they just don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Sound familiar?

Maybe your long-held dream wasn’t to be a rock star or a best-selling author, but something else entirely.  What it is, doesn’t really matter.

What’s most important is whether or not those long-held (or short-held as it may be) dreams align with who you are…today.

You see we are ever changing and ever evolving human beings.  What we desire in one moment can change drastically in the next and that is 100% completely okay.

We are not meant to be the same and our desires will naturally change as we continue to evolve.  The key is to be open, aware, and willing to let go of the things that are no longer serving us so we can get on with the things that are.

If you are lacking passion for the direction you are headed or you feel stuck on the hamster wheel of life as you continue to strive for something that no longer holds your interest…it’s time for a purge.

Take a deep breath, grab a pen and some paper and get writing.

  • Write down all the dreams, actions, aspirations, and desires that you’ve been hanging onto that no longer feel in alignment with who you are today.

  • Then say aloud “I give myself permission to release and let go of the dreams, actions, aspirations, and desires that are no longer in alignment with who I am today. “

  • Take a few more deep breaths and get rid of the list. You may choose to burn it (safely) or rip it up and bury it in the ground as a symbol of your final release.

When you go through this process, trust that you have made space for the things that you truly desire to flow into your life.

Inspiration, ideas, people, connections, etc. are likely going to be flowing into your life abundantly and you will soon find your passion and purpose again for new desires that feel open, exciting, and aligned with who you are.

De-cluttering isn’t just about making space in your home or your heart.

It’s about clearing out the things that are weighing you down and keeping you from feeling the amazing, clear calm feeling you deserve because you deserve all of that and then some.

Author’s bio: Lamisha Serf-Walls is a life coach for women who are ready to live an amazing life on their own terms, but feel held-back and frustrated in how to make that happen. Her mission is to create a community of empowered, free flowing, lovers of life who live a life of freedom with ease and inspire others to do the same. You can learn more about Lamisha and what she offers by visiting her Online, on Facebook, or Twitter or grab her free audio 5 Ways to Break Free From Stuck.

Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões