How many clothes do you really need?


Have you ever just wished that someone could assign you a cute, comfortable daily outfit that would make dressing a snap?

Mr. Facebook himself posted this the other day and it quickly got passed around several of my favorite Facebook communities. I found the conversations fascinating.

rsz_screenshot-2016-01-29-074039 (1).jpg

Some women straight up said that they would hate this because they love to dress themselves everyday and see it as a way to express themselves.

However, the overwhelming majority of those who took the time to chime in said,

“OMG that would free me up to do so many other things with my day!"

Of course getting dressed doesn't take hours a day to accomplished but it does do something: it forces us to make decisions.

You know what human beings both love and hate? Decisions. We love the ability to decide on things for ourselves but when we get bombarded with decisions we shut down.

(There's a reason that we refer to clutter as "deferred decisions.")

Ever have this conversation?

Person A: "What's for dinner?" Person B: "I dunno. What do you feel like?" Person A: "We don't have much here to cook and I'm too tired to cook anyway. Let's go out to eat." Person B: "Fine. Where should we go?" Person A: "I dunno."

30 minutes elapse and we end up defaulting to the same restaurant that we always go to. Not because we adore it, but because it's already vetted and it's easy.

It's the path of least resistance.

Conclusion? We humans like having choice. But we don't like having too many choices.


So while making the decisions of what to do with your clutter is a decision making party (ha!), after it's done, your day to day decision making will be far, far, FAR easier to manage.

And wouldn't that feel amazing?

What do you think? Would you love having an uber streamlined wardrobe like Mark Zuckerberg? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you think.